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Auction sheets explained

SR - sunroof;
AW - alloy wheel; 
PS - power steering;
PW – power window; 
TV - TV;
ABS - anti-lock brakes;
LD - limited-slip differential;
AFC - air-conditioner;
EVC - engine valve control;
TRC, TCS - control system covering the road;
4WD - four-wheel drive vehicle; 
AC - air conditioning;
AAC – air climate control;
AB, SRS, WAB - airbag;
AT, FA, FAT,IAT, CA, CAT,CVT,ICVT - Different types of automatic transmissions; for example: i-CVT (ICVT) intellectually CVT type MT, F5, 5C, 5spd - various types of mechanical transmissions
RS - rear spoiler;
ST - stereo;
CD - CD player;
MD - MD player;
CS - stereo tape;
Aero - full aero kit car;
3D/5D - three, five doors respectively;
HR - high roof
- manual
- Service book
- leather interior
- One owner
- egistratsionny list
- Warranty
- airbag
- original (yellow), but unoriginal factory (red), other
- changes have been made (for example, the number of seats has been changed):

A1 - scratch palm-sized;
A2 - scratch the size of two palms;
A3 - scratch larger than two hands;
E1 - barely visible dent;
E2 - some barely visible dents;
E3 - a group of barely visible dents;
U1 - dent the size of a thumb;
U2 - dent palm-sized;
U3 - dent larger than the palm;
-  dent;
Y1 - a gap the size of a thumb;
Y2 - a gap the size of a palm;
Y3 - a gap larger than the palm;
W1 - element with a small body repair in good condition;
W2 - element with a small body repair is minor irregularities;
W3 - element with body repair and it shows;
S1 - rust palm-sized;
S2 - rust larger than the palm;
BP- element (panel) is replaced;
P1, P2 - need to paint;
X - an element (panel) need replacing;
XX - an element (plate) has been replaced;
- an element (panel) repaired