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About us - is a site through which companies, included to the commonwealth Aleado group help customers to buy goods, vehicles and various equipment from Japanese online shops and Yahoo!Auctions and to deliver them to the buyers' place. Delivery can be arranged for various countries and also inside of Japan. In addition, companies included to the commonwealth Aleado group help dealers around the globe to create websites for selling Japanese goods and equipment to their customers.

Our shop supports both English & Japanese transactions.
We will process all transactions in Japan completely and ship your items worldwide. Realtime translation of Japanese web pages to English available.
Fast. Convenient. Safe. Your items delivered right at your doorstep.

Our clients know our quality and relevance. Our experience in this area is more than five years. We are committed to a long-term business in this area. Our mission is to provide high quality, stable service and to make our customers feel comfortable with us.

  • We are a group of proficient developers of software solutions.
  • We are able to implement solutions of any complexity level.
  • We have extensive experience in development of automotive products oriented to users of various levels.
  • We have a big experience in international projects.
  • Our team has developed a unique product. It's the system of searching and viewing information about items of Japanese automobile auctions, motorbike auctions, Yahoo auctions and other ones, with translation into English for your foreign customers.
  • Basic service implemented at the moment is the system of searching and ordering of Yahoo goods, automobiles and motorcycles at the auctions of Japan.
  • Other goods searching services can also be connected.
  • All system resources have built-in automatic translation of electronic data into English or Russian. It helps foreign customers to search and order goods made in Japan.
  • We are looking forward for cooperation in other fields of Internet development.
  • We are interested in growth and development of projects we are working on.
  • For effective development we must clearly understand the goals and tasks given by customer.
  • We are ready for meeting and dialogue.

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Japanese Car Auctions Department and Japanese Yahoo Auctions and Online Shopping Department

Yachimataro 168-59
Yachimata City, Chiba
289-1144, JAPAN

Working hours:
Phone.: (81)5055393066
09.00-17.00 (Japan time)
Saturday, Sunday - non-working

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For creating web sites and services:
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Skype Skype: ivan.borovkov

Japanese Car Auctions Department:
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